Microblading Fundamentals

Taught by Fresia Cadavid

Course takes 7 day

It’s your class and you determine your study schedule. You will have access to all information discussed in the class. All study materials will be stored on whichever device used to access the class.

Each day of the class, materials will be sent to you via WhatsApp and in a closed facebook group.  You’lll receive PDF’s, videos, pictures and drawings. You will be assigned homework after each session that you must complete and submit and you will also get detailed feedback on assignments.

All study materials will be available to you after the course completion and you can remain part of the support group indefinitely. You will also continue to have access to me as an instructor after you’ve completed the course.

At the end of the course, once all assignments have been submitted, you will receive a certificate via e-mail.


Microblading online class will cover:

1. Safety, hygiene and sanitation
2. Consultation Process

3. Consent and Waiver forms
4. Hand tools and different types of blades
5. Color theory and how to find the right color for each client
6. Brow mapping
7. Key measurements
8. Brow shaping with traditional and advanced techniques
9. Pigment implantation
10. Common mistakes to avoid
11. How to find the right blades for each type of skin

12. Aftercare and Precare



Supplies you will need: 

1. Microblading pen 

2. Blades

3. Pigment

4. Skin Latex

6. Pencil

7. Paper

8. Ruler


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