I'm in love with the new Russian Volume style you taught me.-Liz

Thank you so much! Your class was so thorough, I was literally able to begin working the next day delivering lash lift services to clients confidently.-Yvette

Your microblading course was amazing. It was concise and so educational.-Jaime

You taught me more than the beauty school I went to! I am so excited to start lashing.-Yesenia

You make learning so easy and your classes are affordable and I make back my investment every time. That is why I take all your lash courses.-Lily

Your classic and volume lash class was really educational and fun.- Alejandra

Your lash class was one of the best courses I've taken. Very personal and informative.-Brittany

Your online three-day lash class was very informative. My lash services already improved. The class was very convenient and practical.-Mika

Your 3-day lash bootcamp surpassed my expectations. At lunch I was talking to my friends about your class. After class I was talking about your class. It was amazing and I learned so much about lashing.  -Felicia


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